I first graduated as an Illustrator, but my interest and passion in helping special needs children led me to pursue my Diploma in Special Education in Kolej Dika which was the nearest and most affordable college. Lecturers in Kolej Dika have had many years of experience in the special education industry and they are willing to share their vast knowledge with every student. Combining the knowledge that I’ve obtained from both art and special education, I’m developing educational products that are easily accessible for children in need. Pursuing special educations in Kolej Dika has taught me to think further and deeper about every child’s needs and to be more observant of everything surrounding me too. I’ve grown to be more responsible and I’m now capable of managing my time more wisely. I’ve also developed better presentation skills and thinking skills in addition to learning how to cope with stress. Kolej Dika has helped me understand that no one can do everything, but everyone can do something.

Lim Pei Yen

Current Student