Besides being recognized by MQA, I chose Kolej Dika because of its flexible timing which gave me better time management options between by family, work and studies. Kolej Dika was an eye opener for me as every lesson helped me to explore deeper into children’s behaviour by using the right techniques. I believe children are leaders of the future and I learned how to nurture children from the next generation through enthusiastic lecturers who teach from their hearts.
Their presentation of materials were always kept clear and were prepared with the framework, in addition to taking interactive approaches with us. In Kolej Dika, there is a good mix of students from all walks of life who are of different races, and come from a diverse social and professional background. Kolej Dika has broadened my understanding and allowed me to reflect on my own experience as a child. I am empowered by the knowledge and wisdom that Kolej Dika has provided me through its education.

Jacinta Joseph Achamby

Current Student