Meet Our High Achiever : Zoe Lee Pei Yan

Top 5 Best Student Award, Class of 2016

Academic Endeavour – Early Childhood Education (ECE) was an academic endeavour that I had discovered by chance and I am happy to have pursued this academic option as my career pathway. I was recommend-ed to pursue my Diploma in Early Childhood Education in Kolej Dika by practitioners from the industry who gave me wonderful yet encouraging feedbacks about Kolej Dika and the pro-gramme per se. Kolej Dika specializes in Early Childhood Education (ECE) and the pro-grammes offered are detailed and well-outlined. The course structure is also very flexible which was mainly why I decided to study in Kolej Dika. The lecturers are all very experienced and passionate and I enjoyed their classes very much.

Aspiration – The Early Childhood Education industry is growing noting that the Government has made it mandatory for ECE practitioners to have a Diploma in this sector. I believe that there are many out there who are unsure or uncertain about pursuing a career in ECE like how I was before. But now I wished I could advise myself back then, stop thinking and start doing RIGHT NOW. This career is tough, but it is worth every effort as you progress along. My advice is that every day is a fresh start and you can never predict the challenges and happiness you will face daily. So start now and throw the structured and boring life behind!