I’m glad that Kolej Dika emphasizes on the dynamics of practical learning. It has helped us gain exposure to the real-world scenarios and groomed us to become better-equipped educators. I am a changed person because of this course.

Roxanne Soo

Class of 2017

The main reason I enrolled in the Diploma in Special Education course at Kolej Dika was that I felt compelled to learn more about children with special needs. I have always wondered about children with special needs. For example, how their minds work, do they understand what is said to them or is language alien to them? Also, how do they feel when someone scolds them? I had hundreds of questions like these, which I could never get out of my mind.
Imagine my excitement when the answers to my questions were unraveled one by one during the course of my studies. I was especially happy that the diploma course helped me affirm that my life goal is to be a special needs teacher. Moreover, it has molded me to think in a holistic manner, which is important for teachers who work with young children especially those with special needs. The course instilled unique qualities such maturity, responsibility, creativity, and patience. It also encourages us to be a loving and caring person. As a special needs teacher, we were taught the significance of understanding the developmental level of every child under our tutelage and how to modify our teaching methods and materials accordingly. We also need to be very observant to discern the real reasons behind a child’s every behavior. Undoubtedly it is a challenging job but I find it immensely satisfying.
The other factor that encouraged me to become a special needs teacher is my hope to change people’s mindset when it comes to children with special needs. People easily judge these children by their disabilities and behaviors without considering the facts. I hope to create awareness and more so, convey the message that essentially every child is the same. The fact is every child is unique and has his or her own strengths and weaknesses. Children with special needs have their own abilities and the same rights as any child.
I’m glad that on top of theoretical lessons in the classroom, Kolej Dika emphasized on practical learning. It helped us gain exposure to real-world scenarios and groomed us to become better-equipped educators. I am a changed person because of this course. Once an extremely introverted person who had no confidence, I am now able to express and share my opinions and thoughts in front of a crowd. It also shaped me into a holistic-thinking person. I am inspired to become a good educator in the future as I’ve discovered how meaningful and important this job is in its ability to change the lives of children.




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