Meet Our High Achiever: Chua Menn Sze

Best Student Award, Class of 2015


The years spent in Dika were very enlightening and memorable. My friends and I learn and grow together in various aspects. Kolej Dika has very positive culture and climate, being surrounded by people that are passionate about educating that really motivate me to push myself beyond my limits.

Chua Menn Sze

Best Student, Class of 2015

The knowledge gained gave me a solid foundation in understanding early childhood education. I get a better understanding of reasons why children act like they do and allows me to realize why some practices and approaches are better than another. I also get to put what I’ve learned in theory into practice. Thoughts are embedded in us and ideas to a solution came out naturally during discussions.

Challenging assignments alongside with positive class culture allows us, students, to work harder and push ourselves to do better. Through presentations, we are able to learn from our groups and view things from new perspectives. In addition, participating in student council adds colors to my college life.

Kolej Dika’s programme is comprehensive and practical. Most of the modules provide us with very hands-on experience. The lecturers are knowledgeable and helpful. Our lecturers and course mates are from various background. I guess that’s where we get to hear voices from different perspectives.