chrishellaWe are happy to note with our smart partnership with YWCA VTOC, we are empowering young women trainees and graduates with professional academic and training skills.

Here is Chrishella Maison Kulimbang’s words of appreciation at the recent YWCA-Vocational Training Opportunity Centre (VTOC) 18th Certificate Presentation Ceremony held on 27 November 2016.


Though nervous, I am very grateful for the opportunity given to me to stand here today representing all the girls in the Early Childhood Education (ECE) course. You may refer to us as the Kindy girls and my name is Chrishella Maison Kulimbang. I am from Sabah, pretty far from here. Upon being here, I admit there are times when I miss home so much but even so, not once I did ever regret coming here to attend to the course. During our stay here, we have experienced a lot of things. Not only did we learn about how to educate young children, we ourselves have personally developed. I have grown to be more independent girl.

 Getting the opportunity to study here is not only a blessing for me but also for all of us Kindy girls. We experienced a lot of situations, sometimes happy and sometimes not so happy but as we went through every experience, learnt from it and grew from it. YWCA VTOC had provided a class fro us to learn, a place to sleep, food for us to eat, and fulfilled all the necessities we needed. They even arranged courses for us to prepare for life after we walk away from this place. For all of this, we are truly grateful. By the time we walk out from here, never will we ever forget what had been given to us. From the bottom of our hearts, we are truly sorry if we have offended anyone which are sure we did a lot of times.

 Being a Kindy girl, we had a lot of challenges which we faced every single day. We had to wake up early, to to work, hurry so that we wont miss our bus, work and then theory classes. Even so, we dont actually feel tortured, we know that it is only the beginning for us to prepare for a harsher life when we go out from here, These challenges, we faced everyday, became our norm, and soon it was not so much of a challenge anymore. We enjoy our jobs as a teacher and life as a student. The classes that we attended were very interesting and had taught us a lot of things we should know as Early Childhood Educator.

 Again, thanks from the bottom of hearts for all the opportunities and help given to us. Thank you so much.

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From Top: (L) Certificate Presentation by HRH Tengku Zatashah, Setup by students to showcase their learning corner, Explanation to HRH Tengku Zatashah,  Group picture (L-R) Ms Subahsini Sritharan, Ms Victoria Balasingam, Ms Sandra Simon, HRH Tengku Zatashah, Ms Quah Hooi Ching and Dato’ G. Ramani Gurusamy