Dika Early Childhood Educators Explore the Importance of Nutrition
A community project aimed at providing real time industrial experience

20160921_114059The students of Community Services module consisting of nine early childhood educators carried out an educational engagement session with the Nutrition Society of Malaysia recently. The topic of their research project was ‘Studying Nutrition Behaviour in Young Children’ aimed at understanding the social concerns faced in our society specifically among children in the aspect of nutrition.

The young educators had the opportunity and privilege of meeting Dr.Tee E Siong, President of Nutrition Society of Malaysia. Rosemary, an aspiring educator in the making said that their session with Dr.Tee was very informative to our team. We would like to thank Dr.Tee for being supportive and sharing much information related to our research.

Dr. Tee E Siong in his interview said that the young children are not eating right and lack exercise. Children in rural areas are mostly underweight – some stunted while children in the city are prone to having junk food/fast food over nutrition meals.

“We are concerned of these imbalances of nutrition among children in primary schools. It is imperative that proper knowledge is instilled among parents, caregivers and teachers on how children should have a balanced diet , preparing nutritious meals and with more physical activities, Dr. Tee explained.img-20160925-wa0039

As part of their final year project assignment, the endeavour proved to be beneficial in different levels of academic and industrial experience. The early educators are required to do a literature review, research, conduct a survey and report their findings.

The project was a challenging one as well as the early childhood educators were required to survey a total 300 respondents to further consolidate their report. This is followed with an educational awareness programme conducted at a kindergarten comprising an array of activities carried out to educate the young kids on the importance of nutrition in their daily life. Their practical session was conducted with a total number of 34 children aged between 4-6 working in partnership with the Kindergarten management and facilitators.

Rosemary Rebecca, the student lead had this to say:

“The community project taught me to handle many pleasant and unpleasant
situations. The pleasant situations has made me wise and bold, while the unpleasant situations made me face challenges such as getting people to work in partnership with us. Being a leader has made me realize that all things are possible if there was teamwork and good cooperation from all parties.”

Rosemary would like to pursue a Master’s degree in Early childhood education and continue teaching upon completing her Diploma in Early Childhood Education at Kolej Dika. She concurs that Kolej Dika has helped trained many pre-school teachers with quality academic programmes by high calibred lecturers from the industry. The modules serve to provide a wide range of benefits instilling confidence to take on the real world dynamics.