Study experience beyond the classroom is essential. It provides students with practical ideas, experience and the inspiration to be an agent of transformation in the changing dynamics of early childhood education.   

International Guest Lecturers

At Kolej Dika, international guest lecturers from partner universities are invited to share their perspective and experience in early childhood education. Through this, students gain international academic exposure, global awareness and industrial insights.

 Study Tours  

Study tours are organised on a regular basis to visit industrial partners, early childhood education centres, places of cultural diversity and more within Malaysia. This is part of the comprehensive curriculum programme outlined in the early childhood education programmes at Dika. It is a fundamental approach to provide real world experience and encourage broadened perspectives.

Teacher’s Workshops and Seminars 

Kolej Dika is committed to organising regular workshops and seminars that will help its students gain a better understanding of young children including those with learning disorders and special needs. Industry experts are invited to share their knowledge through intensive and engaging sessions whereby students gain practical insights and real life scenarios teaching young kids.

Academic Forums 

Educational forums is part of Dika’s yearly initiative. This exclusive forum provides Kolej Dika students with a platform to explore and understand the real world challenges involved in teaching young kids. It provides ideas and solutions to inspire students to be better equipped when teaching in a classroom.