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Faculty Profile

The teaching faculty at Kolej Dika are experts in the early childhood education and special education (early years) challenge students with creative and cutting edge practical teaching approaches. The criteria to become a Kolej Dika lecturer are expectedly high. They must have at least five years of working experience with young children. Lecturers are either Masters and Bachelors degrees holders. Most of the lecturers at Kolej Dika are also invested in the development of early childhood education in Malaysia with wide range of academic experience and research background.

QUAH HOOI CHING, Academic Head

Setting a benchmark in the industry through cutting-edge programme offerings

Quah Hooi Ching started her career in the early childhood education industry since 2002 as a preschool teacher and she is now a lecturer and academic head in Kolej Dika. She has a wide-ranging experience in different areas of early childhood education. She was an executive council member of the Early Childhood Care and Education Council (ECCE Council) Malaysia for three years and a moderator for the International Conference on Early Childhood in 2014. She is currently a committee member of the Professional Certification Board of Early Childhood Care and Education Council of Malaysia. This year, she is part of the organising committee for Violence-Free Early Childhood Forum 2017 co-organised by ECCE Council and UNICEF. Nevertheless, her talent extends to being a certified infant massage instructor as well.

As an academic head, Quah ensures that her students’ needs are her top priority and insists on delivering high-quality programme in order to develop qualified professional educators. She gives this advice to all of her students – Be a teacher that children remember you as being fun, loving and caring and that they remember the things you taught them when they grow old. Whatever you taught the children, it will not only influence them, it will also influence whoever that they will be influencing in the future.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Observing and Assessing Young Children’s Development

Academic Background

  • Bachelor of Early Childhood Education (Honours), University Malaya
  • Masters in Early Childhood Education, Universiti Malaya

MOHAN DALLUMAL, Senior Lecturer

A prolific academician, avid writer and sought-after speaker

Mohan Dallumal regards his work with children as his calling in life and has been an active proponent of Early Childhood Education (ECE) in Malaysia. His experience in the industry spans over 40 years and includes his role as the principal of several leading private schools namely Sekolah Sri Murni, Sekolah Seri Cahaya, Sri Perkasa Bernas private school and Krista College where he set new benchmarks in the quality of education. As a result, students excelled and topped in national examinations during his tenure in these schools. Additionally, Mohan has also served as an education consultant for Education Ventures Sdn. Bhd, Metro Kajang Holdings and Villa Raya Holdings.

His areas of expertise include child development, child psychology, counselling and special children. In the last ten years, he has been involved in teachers training and conducting parenting talks for leading companies in Malaysia. Mohan has lectured part-time at University of Malaya where he taught child psychology. He also lectured on counselling and Early Childhood Education at Open University of Malaysia (OUM). Currently, he is a Senior Lecturer at Kolej Dika Malaysia. He joined the institution in 2004 and was appointed as the Head of the Academic Department in 2005.

As an authority in early childhood education whose expertise is highly sought after, Mohan served as the executive council member of the Early Childhood Care and Education Council (ECCE) of Malaysia from March 2013 to March 2017. In 2017, he was nominated as a committee member of the Professional Development Board (PDM) of the ECCE council. For over 30 years, Mohan has served in various voluntary organisations and NGOs in Malaysia looking into the welfare of children. Mohan is also an avid author on various subjects related to children, parenting and education. He has authored a research study on neglected and abused children in Malaysia entitled A case study of abused children in Half-Way House, Shelter Home and recently launched his book entitled Memoirs of an Educator

Areas of Expertise:

  • Catering for Diversity in Young Learners
  • Interpersonal and Communication Skills
  • Understand Young Children with Special Needs
  • Philosophy and Early Childhood Development in Malaysia
  • Family and Community
  • Professional skills for the preschool teacher
  • Classroom and behaviour management

Academic Background

  •  B.A ( Hons ); Dip. Ed, University of Malaya
  • Masters in Education, University of Malaya


A Specialist in Early Childhood Education

Samantha Lee Nouyi specialises in early childhood education, with a particular emphasis on the dynamics of teaching young children using current and new methods. She has extensive experience in early childhood education, having served in numerous childcare centres, kindergartens and primary schools in Malaysia and Australia.

In 2005, Samantha joined Kolej Dika Malaysia as a part-time lecturer. She became a full-time member of the faculty in 2014. Her industrial experience gained from teaching in Australia for 4 years includes working with young children of various age groups – childcare centre (aged 0 – 5), kindergarten (aged 2 – 4) and junior primary school (aged 5 – 8). She also worked as a full time teacher and supervisor in various nurseries and kindergartens in Malaysia for 15 years. 

Samantha is determined to deliver high quality education to students in line with the vision of Kolej Dika. She truly believes in lifelong learning and in developing warm and caring relationship with her colleagues and students whom she can learn from and share her knowledge with. She earned her Masters in Education (Early Childhood) and BSc. Early Childhood Education from University of South Australia

Areas of Expertise: 

  • Creating Learning Spaces for Young Children
  • Knowing How Young Children Grow and Learn
  • Observing and Assessing Young Children
  • Professional Skills for Preschool Teacher
  • Program for Infants and Toddlers
  • Program Planning and Strategic Teaching
  • Young children and Language Literacy
  • Young Children and Play Development
  • Young Children and Science

 Academic Background: 

  • Early Childhood Education, University of South Australia
  • Education (Early Childhood), University of South Australia

    VENUS LIM Ee CHIEW, Lecturer & Course Coordinator for Diploma in Special Education (Early Years)

    An advocate of creative teaching using music & arts

    Venus Lim Ee Chew is a full-time lecturer and a Diploma in Special Education (early years) course coordinator at Kolej Dika. A keen enthusiast of music, she is known for her creative teaching and learning approaches. Venus encourages her students to be innovative, current and flexible in their thinking. She also emphasises the importance of keeping up with the changing dynamics of the early years education landscape in Malaysia. Her philosophy in life is: ‘Be passionate in everything you do, by having faith in yourself and the courage to strive for achievements.’ A graduate from the University of Westminster and a Musikgarten Licensed Teacher from the USA, Venus’s academic expertise is extensive.

    An authority in special education, her Post-Graduate Research Topics are varied, including Are Functional Behaviour Assessment (FBA) and Behaviour Intervention Plan (BIP) Effective Ways to Manage Self-hitting Behaviour for a Student with Autism?, Can Music Learning Promote Reading Abilities in Students with Dyslexia, The Treatment of Separation Anxiety Disorder Employing Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and The Effects of Improvisational Music Therapy on Joint Attention in Children with ASD.

    Areas of Expertise: 

    • Educating Children with Down Syndrome
    • Knowing How Young Children Grow and Learn
    • Inclusive Education
    • Observing, Assessing & Evaluating Young Children’s Development
    • Young Children and Mathematics
    • Young Children and the Arts: Music, Movement and Drama
    • Young Children and the Visual Arts

    Academic Background:

    • Post Graduate Diploma in Special Needs Education, University of Nottingham Malaysia
    • Diploma in Learning Disorders Management & Child Psychology, Linguistic Council Singapore
    • The Australian Kodaly Certificate in Music Education, Clayfield School of Music & Sound Thinking Australia
    • Certificate in Introduction to the Theory and Practice of the Montessori Method of Education, Segi College
    • Bachelor of Music, University of Westminster, UK
    • Musikgarten Licensed Teacher, Musikgarten USA

    FAM FUI YIN, Lecturer

    An educator with a distinctive commercial edge

    Equipped with experience as a preschool teacher and principal, Fam Fui Yin is well-practiced in the field of Early Childhood Education. Despite her hands-on experience in a preschool environment, Fam continues to pursue wider knowledge in this industry. Upon joining Kolej Dika as a lecturer, her vision is to train students to be high-quality early childhood educators, in preparing them to teach the next generation of children and bring about a positive impact to the community. Her distinct and unwavering passion in early childhood education serves as an inspiration to her students. 

    Fam has also carried out two separate researches, which are respectively entitled “Influence of Principal in Teachers’ Retention in Kindergarten” and “Use of Integrated Thematic Approach in Teaching Higher Order Thinking Skills among Preschool Children”.

    Areas of Expertise: 

    • Catering for Diversity in Young Learner
    • Classroom and Behaviour Management
    • Effective Management in Early Care and Education
    • Observing and Assessing Young Children
    • Professional Skills for the Preschool Teachers
    • Program Planning and Strategic Teaching
    • Young Children and Language Literacy
    • Young Children and Play

    Academic Background:

    • Masters in Early Childhood Education
    • Degree in Education (Early Years)
    • Diploma in Early Childhood Education


    An educator with innovative teaching approaches

    Peggy Chua Yoke Ching has dedicated her life in immersing herself in a preschool environment and working with children. In further pursuit of professional early childhood education, she first joined Kolej Dika as a student in 2010, and came back to become a part-time lecturer two years after graduating and later a full-time lecturer in 2015. Given her vast experience, she continues to inspire the next generation of students to develop a life-long learning attitude and guides future early childhood educators to bring out their potential to be the best teacher they can to young children. She believes that the two important elements of being a teacher is being responsible and caring to your students. Peggy naturally shares a close bond with her students as she sees them as family, in which creates a more conducive learning and teaching environment that is beneficial to her and her students.

     Being a professional with 20 years of experience, Peggy has been a preschool teacher in a few kindergartens since 1998 and later promoted to the position of principal and supervisor. She is currently the curriculum head in Bright Gates Learning Centre and also a full-time lecturer in Kolej Dika. She has also explored the effects of technology on young children with her paper titled,”21st century classroom and the impact of electronic devices on young children”.

    Areas of Expertise:

    • Classroom and Behaviour Management
    • Effective Management in Early Care and Education
    • English for Reading and Writing
    • Family and Community 1
    • Interpersonal and Communication Skills
    • Nutrition & Hygiene
    • Professional Skills for the Preschool Teacher
    • Program Planning and Strategic Teaching
    • Safety & Health
    • Young Children and Play Development

     Academic Background:

    • Master of Education (Early Childhood Education), UNITAR
    • Diploma in Early Childhood Education, Kolej Dika


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