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Meditation Techniques for Entrepreneurs

The research on mindfulness suggests that meditation sharpens skills like attention, memory, and emotional intelligence. Harvard neuroscientist expound that in addition to managing stress, research has also shown that the practice of meditation changes the brain.

After eight weeks, scientist found positive differences in five different regions in the brain that involved self-relevance, learning, cognition, memory and emotional regulation. Changes were also observed in regions associated with perspective taking, empathy and compassion; and in an area of the brain stem called the Pons where regulatory neurotransmitters are produced.

A positive change was also significant with the amygdala, the fight or flight part of the brain, central for the emotions of anxiety, fear and stress.

Meditation has been found to be extremely beneficial for entrepreneurs and top executives in helping them maximise happiness and business performance.


Lewis Chong

Chairperson, ACMF Group of Companies

Lewis Chong is a consultant for business strategies. He has over twenty years of experience in areas which help companies increase sales revenues, profits, and investability. Lewis has consulted for companies producing a diverse range of products, services and solutions; and he has helped develop revenue models for over 5o industries.

Lewis is also the group chairperson of the ACMF Group comprising ACMF Advisory, ACMF Business Optimization, ACMF Compliance; Regulatory, ACMF Consulting, and ACMF Private Investment Office. Lewis’s teams have been instrumental in the success of ten IPOs which have raised more than RM10billion worth of equity funds. He has also successfully led and mergers and acquisitions involving more than 50 companies.

Besides consulting, Lewis is passionate about happiness and emotional wellbeing.

He is the founder of BusinessMeditation.Org; an establishment that helps entrepreneurs and top executives acquire techniques that reduce stress, improve sleep quality, whilst enhancing creativity to solve business challenges. In his spare time Lewis loves to exercise, meditate, and enjoys photographing nature.