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Early Childhood Education refers to education for infants, toddlers and young children.

Early Childhood Education focuses on developing a child’s cognitive and learning skill (e.g. attention, memory, thinking), motor skill (e.g. balance, gripping things) and social-emotional growth (e.g. making friends, sharing toys, understanding good & bad behaviour).

In general, Early Childhood Education comprises of:

    • Infant / Baby: 0 to 1 years
    • Toddler: 1 to 2 years
    • Pre-school: 3 to 4 years
    • Kindergarten: 5 to 6 years
    • Middle school: 7 to 8 years

These early years of a child’s life are absolutely critical. Since a child is like a blank canvas, the surrounding environment can significantly impact the growth and development of a child.

In fact, research has shown that Early Childhood Education is linked to an increase in IQ and better test scores, as it helps to prepare children for success in school!


The field of Early Childhood Education will require lots of patience and dedication. However, it can be extremely rewarding for those who love working with children!

Here are some of the top reasons why you should study Early Childhood Education.

You absolutely LOVE being around children

Do you find yourself gravitating to children all the time? Love spending your days with them, feeling energised and enthusiastic at the end of the day instead of collapsing out of pure exhaustion? If you are passionate about children and want to play an active role in one of the most crucial periods of their life, Early Childhood Education might just be the right path for you!

You understand the importance of helping young minds develop

The children is our future, and nothing is more critical than the first eight years of their life. At this stage, their minds develop so rapidly that it’s important that they are surrounded by a positive environment to help them achieve future success. By pursuing the field of Early Childhood Education, you will be building dreams and nurturing our future leaders!

You have a passion for teaching and learning

Early Childhood Education isn’t only about teaching, it’s about learning too! As an early childhood educator, you will be constantly learning new teaching methods and developing innovative lesson plans to engage young children. Learning is a lifelong process, and in order to inspire young children with the love of learning, you must also display a passion for learning too!


Aspiration – When I embarked on the portals of learning – all at the age of 48, I thought of it as part of my lifelong quest for knowledge and at the same time treated it as a challenge to better myself. It was my dream to advocate for inclusion of people with disabilities, particularly children. I have always believed that an inclusive society is a sustainable one. I also understood that before I could advocate, I should start by educating myself and that was what I did. With Kolej Dika, I had a platform to realise my dream.

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Top 5 Best Student Award, Class of 2016

Inspiration –Prior to joining Kolej Dika, I was a Bachelor’s Degree holder in Banking and Finance. However, what ultimately drove me to further pursue Diploma in Early Childhood Education was my burning passion in working with young children.


Top 5 Best Student Award, Class of 2016

Aspiration – I believe children are the seeds and education is the nourishment they need. Therefore, I hope to setup a ‘kinder-garden’ to nurture young children with different abilities and unfold their hidden talents, to help them shine in their own individual way. Working with children is always fun. I hold true to the motto of when there’s a will, there’s a way. God always leave one door open and it is up to you to choose whether to remain static or to move forward. One advice that I would give is to always be true to yourself and determination will get you to where you want to be one day.

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Top 5 Best Student Award, Class of 2016

Academic Endeavour –Early Childhood Education (ECE) was an academic endeavour that I had discovered by chance and I am happy to have pursued this academic option as my career pathway. I was recommend-ed to pursue my Diploma in Early Childhood Education in Kolej Dika by practitioners from the industry who gave me wonderful yet encouraging feedbacks about Kolej Dika and the pro-gramme per se.

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Top 5 Best Student Award, Class of 2016


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