A Sound Vision. Continued Commitment. Championing Early Childhood Education in Malaysia


Happy New Year everyone!

Hope you were in good spirits ushering in 2017 with your family and friends.

2016 has been quite a memorable and defining year for us at Kolej Dika. We marked several significant milestones starting with my appointment as the Chief Executive of Kolej Dika. The 12 months has been immensely rewarding working in partnership with management and faculty of Kolej Dika.


Last year, we also hosted our first Kolej Dika alumni reunion. It was a momentous occasion held 12 years after we were first established.  More than 200 members of our alumni who are now educators and advocates of Early Childhood Education (ECE) in the country attended the reunion. It was great to see former graduates reconnecting with old friends and faculty members. We were further delighted that the students from our first batch made it to the event. It was an event that we will not forget and we hope to host again in three years.

We also saw our 8th Annual Graduation Ceremony for the Diploma in Early Childhood Education, Diploma in Special Education (Early Years) and Executive Diploma in Early Childhood Education, which celebrated the success and accomplishments of a total of 84 graduates. It seems like only yesterday that we held our first graduation ceremony with just a handful of students. Today, we have more than 300 students and over 400 alumni members.

We foresee that the number will only grow with more parents being aware of the needs for qualified and trained pre-school teachers as well as the Ministry of Education’s enforcement of minimum Diploma in Early Childhood qualification for all pre-school teachers come 2020.

New Look

On another note, it is my great delight to make our online presence official with a renewed look and feel. With kolejdika.edu.my, we aspire to build a solid relationship with you, our stakeholders as well as share our renewed vision and strategies for our company and of course, our portfolio of programmes.

New Partner

We have signed with the University of Gloucestershire to allow our students to pursue its established BA in Early Childhood Studies in the United Kingdom (UK). (Check out their degree here.) The new collaboration is not only an avenue for our students to earn an international qualification from the UK, but in view of the challenging economic conditions it is also an affordable degree programme in Early Childhood Education as our students require only a year of studies in UK to attain their BA degree.

What’s in-store for 2017?

This year, Kolej Dika will also be introducing its Degree program in Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education, offered in partnership with New Zealand Tertiary College.  The collaboration comes as an opportunity for both local students to earn a globally recognised qualification from New Zealand, with the opportunity to study abroad. Another addition in the pipeline is Dika’s very own Diploma in Business Management that is targeted towards those interested in the practical running of a business and its related field.

Moving forward

Kolej Dika has grown in leaps and bounds to what it is today, as a prominent brand and expert in the field of ECE in Malaysia. Teaching young children is a creative process that involves the constant need to keep up with the advancements in the ECE field locally as well as on the international level. I am pleased to share with you that in 2017, we will be focusing on key initiatives that will be the cornerstone of Kolej Dika. This includes the introduction of new innovative academic programmes.

We are committed to training dedicated individuals for vocations in early childhood education. By delivering high-quality skill-based training programmes, Dika produces best professionals in early childhood to benefit children, families and communities. It is gratifying to see Dika graduates are successful in their own chosen field of early childhood education either as educators or professionals. Many have taken the opportunity to pursue their degrees or travel and teach in Asia.

With renewed determination, ambition and optimism to guide us on our journey henceforth, we look forward to continue championing ECE in Malaysia. Thanks to everyone who has supported Kolej Dika through our journey. What an incredible difference everyone’s support has made to us.

As we at Kolej Dika embark on a new chapter, I extend my very best wishes to all for a successful and prosperous journey ahead.


Pua Chee Ling signoff