For our next session of Coffee with Dika, we are proud to partner with  on the topic of Your Career and You.

Not everyone can confidently say that they know what career they want to pursue in life, and it’s tough to know for sure if the career you want is the career that will suit you. We don’t want to feel like a fish being expected to climb a tree.

Participants will complete a brief DISC assessment and learn about each personality style, their possible next steps and to make wise career choices. Participants will begin the process of learning about themselves in order to aid their career selection and apply this knowledge for job satisfaction.

DISC is a behavioral profiling system that teaches users how to identify— and use to their advantage— aspects of communication according to personality style. It is a widely used behaviour-profiling tool, supported by decades of research and continuous validation. DISC helps in firstly determining the individual’s natural behavioral tendencies, secondly determining possible career’s behavioral demands, and lastly understanding the results in order to help students adapt their natural style to “fit” the job’s needs.

Day, Date: Saturday, 8th April 2017

Time: 10am to 12pm

Fee: RM10 (includes coffee and notes)

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The Presenter

Ms Kimberly Koh, B.Psych

Kimberly Koh is a Programme Associate at LifeEquip Sdn Bhd. She has a Bachelors of Psychology (Hons) and is passionate about people. She has led, taught, facilitated and organized many events and programmes with those from as young as 5 years, up until 70 years. She believes that her age does not restrict her from engaging and challenging people of all stages of life and backgrounds to pursue their aspirations and dreams, while also helping them to identify practical steps to reach their dreams and destiny.

With 9 years experience working with youth, she has found that it is so important and crucial to train and teach people when they are at a young and impressionable age. This is because she believes that when life skills are taught to youth when they are young, the nation will see motivated adults who are able to live their lives well with meaning and purpose.