Our upcoming Coffee with Dika session is going to be interesting! We are exploring

The Science and Art of Future Jobs.

The future workplace demands us to be experts more skills than one. Careers are merging. The line that separates science and art is blurring. A family doctor running a private practice needs to have the business skills to manage the clinic. A professor needs to be a subject expert and master the art of teaching and learning so their students understand them. A chef needs to master their culinary skills while understanding the molecular science of the cuisine suitable for the different palates and dietary needs. We need to be prepared to do the jobs of the future that don’t exist today. This seminar, conducted together with a few industry experts engages participants to explore multidisciplinary skill sets and learning to equip themselves for their future careers.

For this, we have invited three special guests from different industries to share their journey and experience.

Day, Date: Saturday, 4th March 2017

Time: 10 am to 12 pm

Fee: RM10 (includes coffee and notes)

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The Presenters


Mr Matthew OoiBusiness Journalist

Armed with a B.A. in Business and Mass Communication from Northumbria University UK, Matthew writes cover stories for the Malaysia SME, a business news publication focusing on small and medium enterprises. While he initially intended to pursue tertiary qualifications in engineering, he made the switch to journalism and media upon realizing his strengths in writing, researching and communications. An avid gamer and music enthusiast himself, he also finds a lot of interest in the business and IT sector, thus leading him to this pivotal role with Malaysia SME.

Matthew will share some practical skills on how to write for your audience; to get their attention and your message across. He asserts when the audience reads or hears what they want to, you win more than half the battle in any situation.


Ms Lim Pei Yen, Illustrator & Developer

Pei Yen is currently researching and developing educational toys for young children. An Illustrator and Colourist by profession, her past experiences vary from presenting 2-dimensional visuals for stories, ideas, marketing and advertising with Sixth Creation Studios to teaching art with DaVinci Kids, among many. As the learning and development of young children continues evolving, Pei Yen continues her learning process through the Diploma in Special Education (Early Years) programme at Kolej DiKa.

Pei Yen will share how she thinks like a child in creating inspirations and ideas in her work and how filters are formed throughout life which shape thinking and reasoning. When you think like a child, you explore a world of creativity.


Mr Adrian Yeo, Community Organizer and Policy Advisor

Adrian currently serves as a Policy Advisor to the Selangor State Government’s EXCO Office. He is also a community organizer and an advocate for strengthening civil society, active in engaging local environment, energy and resource campaigns.

Adrian is a mentor and official presenter for the “The Climate Reality Project”, an initiative founded by former US Vice President Al Gore. He is also the past president of Raleigh International Kuala Lumpur and alumni of Climate Action Network’s (CAN) Leadership Development Program 2015. From participating in 350.org’s Global Power Shift, he founded #PowerShiftMsia, #MYD, #KampusSarap and #KemSolusi; a movement to catalyze youth for bold climate action. He is also a committee member of RakanKL, a volunteer group promoting the love of Kuala Lumpur’s history & heritage.

Adrian will engage the audience in discovering varying views across the spectrum on diverse issues, and how the best policy and decision makers use it to their advantage. The best decisions are made when you are knowledgeable across the spectrum.