Tan Sri Datuk Seri Panglima Dr Abdul Rahman Arshad

Tan Sri Datuk Seri Panglima Dr Abdul Rahman Arshad


PhD (East London), Hon LL D (Saskatchewan, Canada), Hon D Ed (Heriot-Watt, Scotland)
Hon D Ed (Èast London, England), Hon D Litt (UPM), Hon D Ednl Mngmt (UiTM), Hon D Ed (UCSI), Hon D Ed (UPSI), Hon D Ed (UM), Hon D Ed (USM)

Blazing the Trail in Early Childhood Education

The Early Childhood Education sector has been making great strides in Malaysia. Circumstances were very different before, even in the early 2000s, when teachers trained in early childhood education (ECE) were practically a novel concept. Gratefully, the early education landscape has shown signifi-cant progress since then. The primary driver for change has been greater awareness of the importance of early childhood education for the future of the nation.

While emphasis on a child’s education only commenced in primary school in the past, more parents are stressing on early childhood education today. This is because research has shown that a child’s future success is determined before he or she turns 8. Those early years are critical in a child’s mental, emotional and social development, which shapes his or her academic performance. We have seen an emphasis on ECE in developed countries such as America and Singapore, for this reason and also be-cause it’s an investment for the future of their respective countries.

In Malaysia, the Government has since introduced the new Economic Transformation Plan, which stipulates that all preschool teachers are required to have a minimum Diploma in Early Childhood Ed-ucation. This will be in effect by 31 December 2019. In addition, per Vision 2020, the Government mandated the Education Act 1996, which calls for a standard national preschool curriculum to be im-plemented across the country, which will increase the enrolment in early childhood education centres.

At Kolej Dika, our philosophy has been to prepare our students for the role of educator and advocate of early childhood education since the beginning. Our mission is to provide the finest early academic programmes in order to deliver high caliber educators who will go on to cultivate the minds of our fu-ture generations. The task is facilitated by a creative curriculum that includes classes, exposure to real world classrooms and to the industry at an international level through our strategic partnerships with foreign universities specialised in ECE. As they say, the proof is in the pudding and this is true of our graduates who have created a niche in the industry as educators and advocates of ECE.

While we have come a long way in 12 years, our commitment is to see that every child in Malaysia receives an early childhood education. We aim to do this by continuing to create awareness on the importance of ECE, to innovate our academic programmes and forge partnerships with the ECE industry locally as well as experts around the world. Kolej Dika will always strive to be a premier early child-hood education specialist, by setting benchmarks in the industry.

“Education is the most powerful tool you can use to change the world.”  ~ Nelson Mandela


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