“Being an Early Childhood Educator is no easy feat. In an ever-changing education industry, embracing the current trends and requirements that are aligned with international standards is imperative for educators. When I am asked what makes Kolej Dika unique, my response is simple: Our People, Our Programmes” 


At Kolej Dika, our mission remains, to inspire our students to be great educators and to change the landscape of the early childhood education (ECE) sector in the country. This is what drives us all at Kolej Dika including the faculty, staff, our partners, students and the alumni. Over the years, Kolej Dika has achieved several important milestones in pursuit of this mission. I am delighted to share, since January 2017, Kolej Dika has witnessed several initiatives that further signifies our brand presencee and continued commitment in the early childhood education platform in Malaysia.

One of our key strategies at Kolej Dika is to provide dynamic and practical educational opportunities that will not only benefit our students but the industry on the whole. This is the reason we forged an international partnership recently with Trine University to offer a 3+1 bachelor degree programme. Through this collaboration, students will not only earn a globally-recognised qualification but also attain a guaranteed one-year paid internship placement at selected elementary schools in the United States.

Students who enrol for this 3+1 bachelor degree programme, a Dual Licensure Major in Elementary Education and Special Education / Mild Intervention, which will commence in November this year will complete the first three years in Kolej Dika pursuing either a Diploma in Early Childhood Education or Diploma in Special Education (Early Years) before progressing to their final year at Trine University.

At Kolej Dika, it is our aim to provide students with the opportunity to gain from knowledge transfer and practical experience. This is to empower our students with a well-rounded education that will set the path for them to be at the forefront of innovation, creativity and employability in the international market. This strategy has proved to be fruitful because with our specially designed modules and integrated learning method, 90% of Kolej Dika graduates have secured jobs within 6-months upon graduating, with some even landing jobs before they graduate.*

With a tradition of leadership and innovation, Kolej Dika continues to make an impact in the ECE sec-tor.  Our faculty members have been integral in all our accomplishments. Besides contributing to Kolej Dika’s growth, our faculty has been making an impact in the industry through talks and sharing of their expertise.

Soon, Kolej Dika will be participating in a national conference called KONGRES KEBANGSAAN GURU-GURU TADIKA 2017. Kolej Dika has been invited to present a paper at the conference entitled “Striking a Balance between Teaching Quality and Business Management in the Early Childhood Ed-ucation Sector” on 23 July 2017. The conference is anticipated to gather about 500 educators, stu-dents and those interested in ECE.

In 2017, Kolej Dika launched the Coffee with Dika initiative, the first in a series of thought leadership talks focused on the ECE sector. The talks included topics relevant to the industry such as Guiding Young Children’s Behaviour, Fundamentals of Job Interviews, Importance of Child Psychology and the Opportunities and Engaging Children in Music. The intention of the series is  to inspire and make an impact on educators and widen the knowledge of participants. To date, Coffee with Dika has attracted speakers of various calibre including educators, entrepreneurs, teachers, students and practitioners.

Last but not least, on the academic frontier, I am delighted to share that Mohan Dallumal, our senior faculty member launched his book entitled “Memoirs of an Educator” recently. Inspired by his over 40-years-tenure as an educator and active proponent of Early Childhood Education (ECE) in Malaysia, the book features short stories accounting his many experiences in the industry, lessons learnt and the people who have touched and made an impact his life. This book is special to us because it is an inspi-ration to many who pursue a career in education and hope to make a difference in the lives of their students.

Kolej Dika thrives on a 21st century educational system that develops industry-tailored curriculum and provides innovative learning opportunities for students to unleash their potential. This resonates with Dika’s responsibility to bring educational reforms to the nation. On behalf of the board, management and staff of Kolej Dika, I will continue to work with the faculty, staff and our partners in the local and international front to fortify the pillars that deliver a unique student experience to Dikians.

Thank you.